Determines the origin of your goods
Law on General Import and Export Taxes
Law on General Import and Export Taxes
21 August, 2019
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Why choose Royal Courier to transport your goods?
14 February, 2020
Determines the origin of your goods

The origin of goods, whether imported or export goods, is essential to regulations that allow granting nationality to goods.

According to the Customs Law of Mexico, the origin of the goods is necessary in importing “… for the purpose of applying tariff preferences, countervailing duties, quotas, marking country of origin and other measures established for such purpose, of accordance with the applicable provisions. “

The origin of goods is the geographical link that relates to a commodity with a given country, in whose territory the goods have been produce or has undergone a transformation.

Know the origin of the goods helps calculate:

The tariff rate is a tax on a good or service when it crosses the border of a country.

Merchandise antidumping when a company exports a product at a price lower than it normally charges on the market in their own country.

Countervailing charges, to apply particular trade or health policy.

origen de mercancías

Basic elements to define the origin of goods


Tariff heading: Obtained through the process of tariff classification, to know its technical and trade name, relevant features that identify the goods, components, usage, applications and graphical information.

Origin: To determine the nationality of the goods are those that originate in one country or the products made in various territories.

Customs value of the product: A customs procedure should be based on the actual price of the goods value is perform. The World Trade Organization (WTO) defines principles for assessing the value at customs

Origin: The products are determined according to where they come from state or country, which has started its last transport, although not originating therefrom; therefore, it is considered the country of dispatch path to the destination country.


Must be set correctly, what the origin of each commodity, because of the different preferential agreements the EU has with many countries, including Mexico. We can distinguish two sources:

No preferential or common law Origin: The goods are import into countries with which the European Community has no preferential tariff agreements.

Preferential origin: Exchanges are according to the association agreements and free trade generalized system of preferences.

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