Export Documentation
Las Garantías del Comercio Exterior
Foreign Trade Warranties
14 September, 2021
Las Reglas de Comercio Exterior
General Foreign Trade Rules
14 September, 2021
Documentos para Exportar
Have you ever wonder what documents you need to export? We tell you which ones.

Exporting is a long process, this activity is governed by regulations and documents. In this case you will see the required documentation for exportation shipments. It is necessary that every country, company or person wishing to export their goods, to know in detail the documentation required or that may be required to carry out the commercial movement, this is subject to the country of origin, destination and type of product.

These are some of the documents that you will frequently find.

  • Certificate of origin: This confirms the origin of the product.
  • Inspection documents: Includes an inspection report and an inspection certificate. The first one is done prior shipping the product with a report made by a professional; and the second one is often done by a third party to verify the shipment specifications.
  • Documents for dangerous merchandise: Involve an entire process of identification of hazardous materials, as well as packaging and labeling.
  • Temporary shipping documents: It is also known as the CARNET or product Visa, this documents eliminates the tariffs temporary.
  • Certificates of registration: Used on products leaving the U.S temporarily to avoid duties upon its return.

If you want to know the structure of this documentation and many more, here is a list where you can find them:

  • gov
  • com
  • S customs
  • Council for International Trade (ATA Carnet)
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