Labeling Standards at the time of Export
envío de mercancías
International Trade during COVID-19
14 September, 2021
comercio internacional
Changes on foreign trade in 2021
14 September, 2021
proceso de empaque y etiquetado

At the moment of exporting and importing products from other countries it is important to considerate the labeling of the merchandise. Due to the labeling it is indicate on how to handle the logistic and the packaging.

There is a standard that regulates this process and it is the NOM ISO 780, in this note we share with you everything that is considered for its transportation.

NOM ISO 780 was created in 1999 with the objective of guaranteeing quality, efficiency services, safety, systems and products. In addition, this standard is for the proper handling and manipulation of packaging and packing.

It also includes a set of symbols that identify the goods to avoid inconveniences in their handling and to ensure that they arrive in optimal conditions at their destination.


The recommended labels must have the shape of a rhombus with 45 degree angles and minimum dimensions of 10 cm x 10 cm. In the case of those used on containers, not less than 25 cm x 25 cm.

It is advisable to use containers and packaging because they fulfill a very important role such as: to guarantee the protection of the product and to have the capacity to resist the possible eventualities in the international trade, in addition the containers and packaging also fulfill the function of marketing and sale of the product.

In Royal Courier we make sure that this is possible and that all your transportation arrives in excellent conditions.

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