Products that Mexico exports to the world
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17 March, 2020
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Five benefits of exporting
15 May, 2020
Products that Mexico exports to the world
Despite the fact that foreign trade is very competitive today, Mexico is a country that has managed to break through and be a leader in different sectors. There is a great variety of merchandise moved by sky, sea and land. In this post we will share the products that Mexico exports to the world.

The coastline Mexico facilitate logistics in the transfer of goods.

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 Main products that Mexico exports to the world:

  • Vehicles .
  • Crude petroleum oils .
  • Flat screens.
  • Auto parts.
  • Communication equipment.
  • Medical instruments.
  • Tomato and avocado
  • Smart phones.

These are some of the main products that Mexico exports to the world, however, we have more exports in the same sectors. In the case of the agri-food sector, our country is one of the main exporters.

We are also world leaders in silver production, and we have a privileged place in gold. This has increased their export.

Wind energy is not on the list but Mexico takes second place in its generation in Latin America and investment in this industry continued to grow by the government.

Another exported product is organic coffee, being one of the most consumed. On the other hand, papaya has exceeded 120 thousand tons of production.

Mexico has increased the quality of its production and this has helped it position itself as one of the greats in exports worldwide. Over the years it is expected to continue with these standards to continue being a competitive country.

We recommend you have experts in foreign trade to help you send your products in the best way, facilitating logistics and transportation. There are a series of requirements to follow for the shipment of goods, which can be provided by export specialists.

Also remember to know the business culture of the country you export to, so that the exchange can take place in the correct way and on the best terms.

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