Frequent questions

We can help you import or export from your country. We have the experience and tools necessary to help you in your business.

1With what means of transport do they count?
To help you transport in the best way we have maritime, air and land freight.
2What can I transport?
All kinds of products from furniture, clothing, watches, jewelry, aircraft, boats, animals, heavy machinery and construction.
3What is required to export?
Be registered and be active in the Federal Taxpayer Registry. For certain specific products, you must have a register in the Sectorial Exporters Register.
4What is the minimum quantity of products to import?
We handle a minimum purchase of 45 kilos for cargo, in which we review the regulations for its import.
5Why is it necessary to have a product technical sheet?
To carry out imports it is necessary to know what are the restrictions that it has to transport it.
6Why should you choose us?
As part of our main services we provide advice on logistics design and import, we perform customs procedures at origin and destination, and we offer you a follow-up on parcel shipments, among other things.
7What do you need to quote?
  • Invoice value.
  • Means of transport.
  • Port or airport of arrival.
  • Measurement and weight.
  • Technical sheets (for specific products).
  • Dimensions of each package
8How can you contact us?
Through our website you can fill out a form in the contact tab. You can also contact us on Facebook @RoyalCourier, calling us at +52 (998) 8988147 or via email info@royal-courier.com
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