General rules of foreign trade
¿Trade Agreement between the US and Mexico?
¿Trade Agreement between the US and Mexico?
20 August, 2019
What is it and how the customs value determined?
What is it and how the customs value determined?
20 August, 2019
General rules of foreign trade

The general rules of international trade are a number of requirements for import and export that transparent the customs operation.

Know the general rules of foreign trade will help you avoid fines and delays of goods

Some general rules you should know are:

Official IDs and documents proving home.

Both for individuals and for institutions.

Consultation tariff classification.

The international tariff classification are numeric codes with the goods, products, parts or complete production systems can be identified regardless of language, country or region.

With the international identification code number, the product is described so that everyone knows that it is being exporting.

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Registration in the Register of Importers in Mexico.

The Register of Importers in Mexico is the National Register of importers in the country, anyone intending to import goods into the country must be registered as individual or legal entity (corporation) before the SAT.

  • Import goods free registration list of importers.
  • Registration in the list of importers and / or pattern of specific sectors.
  • Causes of suspension in the sectorial registers. Reincorporation in the sectorial registers

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The Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) announced by publication in the Official Journal of the Federation (DOF) the second resolution of amendments to the rules of foreign trade for 2018, on 20 September, among which stand:

Entry, Exit and Control of Goods.

  • Allocation and donation of foreign trade goods, not transferable to SAE.
  • Foreign trade goods that pass to the Federal Treasury and that cannot be legally disposed of because they are considered non-transferable to the Service of Administration and Disposal of Goods (SAE) may be offered in assignment or donation by customs.
  • Process for the recovery of dropouts.
    The merchandise that is recovered from abandoned after having passed through the federal treasury can be destined to any customs regime and not only the definitive regime. Dangerous goods that involve risks may be returned provided that the interested party submits its request within 15 days
  • Definition of special equipment of vessels.
    The special equipment of the vessels that can stay in port for 3 months are: cranes, forklifts, equipment for transporting containers, mechanical shovels, chains, grilles, and others with similar functions.

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