International Trade during COVID-19
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Know the benefits of Exporting
14 September, 2021
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Labeling Standards at the time of Export
14 September, 2021
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International trade during the onset of the pandemic has been adversely affected by the closure of borders, which is why, among other things, solutions have been sought to address the disease and achieve a balance between caring for the population and maintaining the economic and productive sectors.

We all know that in these moments the process of exporting and importing is slow, but we can see all the scenarios that we can use to take advantage of not stopping and continue generating income, which is of utmost importance for our country.

We share you some points to keep your company active.
  1. Get new customers

With the spread of the coronavirus, several shows and international trade conferences have been cancelled or postpone around the world. To keep up the connection of new buyers, we recommend you to generate new strategies where you can connect with new potential clients and talk to them to see how you can move the export process forward.

Since the beginning of the crisis a lot of buyers have been using online resources to find new suppliers and supply the high demand of the most sought-after products during this period.

  1. Use this work from home time to train your team members

The period of social isolation in which we live can be a great opportunity to train and qualify your team.

  1. Stay connected through virtual events

The guideline around the world to contain the spread of the virus is social isolation, so many institutions are organizing virtual events and business rounds. You can take advantage of these moments to connect with more people and keep your business active.

Remember that our mission is to support you at all times so that your business does not stop and we can continue to support the economy of our country.

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