What is anti-dumping in foreign trade?
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At the moment of importing and exporting it is important to know all the terms. Today we want to share with you the term of anti-dumping, you have probably heard it.

The anti-dumping law is a trade defense, within the customs procedures, which is carried out when a foreign supplier practices lower prices than those applied in its own country.

The dumping has a discriminatory objective on prices, this is with the intention of leaving the producer in a monopolistic position with the expulsion of local producers and possible international competitors.

If a company exports a product at a lower price that the price it normally charges in its own country, it is said to be dumping. Is it unfair competition? The opinions are different but in many governments takes actions against the dumping with the only purpose of protecting their national production.

Advices to export with security and avoid dumping.

  • Get advice about the situation of the products you want to start exporting (only if they are under investigation or study).
  • Know the real origin of the products and their manufacturer.
  • Comply with all the regulations to avoid any penalty for not having the correct information.

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