Essential characteristics of foreign trade

20 August, 2019
Types of tariffs in Mexico
Types of tariffs in Mexico
20 August, 2019
Empresa de omercio internacional
How to choose the means of transporting goods?
20 August, 2019


Learn more about characteristics of foreign trade.

Foreign trade, also known as international trade, encourages competition for a good or service abroad, so that different countries can send and receive products that are not produced locally at an economic price. 

Foreign trade meets the demand of consumers taking advantage of the comparative advantages of each country.

comercio exterior

The basic forms for foreign trade are:

Import. Goods and services purchased in a foreign country.

Export. Goods and services sold in a foreign country.

Import and export between different countries is vital importance for the economy, in addition to meeting the demand of markets, improve competitiveness and promotes productive chains that provide welfare and a better quality of life for all.

Essential characteristics of foreign trade

Exchange of different goods and services.

Necessary regulations and measures.

Currency flow reflected in the exchange rate.

Encourage the production of a country.

Expand offers in the international market.

Within foreign trade, there are rules of control of products, procedures and taxation, which ensure that a transaction is carried out safely and legally.

Customs is the agency responsible for controlling the entry and exit of various products, as well as verifying compliance with special regulations according to the law.

All countries that engaged in foreign trade, whether to exchange goods or services, must create agreements or arrangements to facilitate the exchange processes; this is established according to each state, governments, companies and respective legislation.

traslado de mercancías

In our entry previous import permits and export permits, we mention some of the requirements that you must meet to perform these activities.

Thanks to trade liberalization, the elimination of border prohibitions and impediments, and our ability to encompass all the logistics for imports, exports and assurance formalities, we are able to provide the best solutions for large and small businesses.

Knows all our services import and export we can offer.

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