Previous Permits for Importation and Exportation
What is it and how the customs value determined?
What is it and how the customs value determined?
20 August, 2019
Empresa de comercio exterior
How to choose a foreign trade company?
20 August, 2019
Previous Permits for Importation and Exportation

The Secretary of the Economy regulates imports and exports of goods.

A Previous permission required for import and export is the license or authorization to legally be imported or exported goods which are subject to the requirements of the Secretaria of the Economy.

Previous permissions might be:

Final importation.

Temporary importation.

Final export.

Temporary export.


Requirements to import goods:

Be enrolled in the Importers’ Register, or the Importers and Specific Sectors Registration, in charge of the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

Arrange the inventory control systems in an automated way, they should be available to the customs authority.

A written statement has to be provided to the broker of the elements that enable you to determine the customs value of the goods.

Transmit to the customs authorities, through an electronic document, information and data concerning the marketing value of the goods.

Electronically register the charge that is conferred to customs officials, this is done before the General Administration of Taxpayer Services.

Pay foreign trade taxes and countervailing duties, if necessary.

importación y exportación

Import goods subject to prior approval by customs arrangement are:

Worn clothing.

Used tires.

Used vehicles.

Material for research and development.

Antipollution equipment and parts.

Agricultural products under NAFTA Uruguay, Chile and ALADI TLC.

Diamonds for industrial use.

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permisos de importación


Requirements for export goods:

Be registered and be active in the Federal Register of Taxpayers.

Commercial Invoice.

Authorization to the customs authority to the broker’s office carried out on behalf of the exporter.

Letter of instructions to the broker, with specific and detailed information of the operation that is delivered directly to the broker.

Packing list.

Certificate of origin.

Document transport.

Documents supporting compliance with regulations and non-tariff restrictions, such as health certificates, quality certificates, permits, etc.

To export alcoholic beverages, beer, alcohol, crystallized honey and processed tobacco must be enrolled in the Register of Sectoral Exporters.

Import goods subject to prior approval by customs arrangement are:

Diamonds for industrial use.

Iron ores.

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Royal Courier, imports and exports international

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