How to choose the means of transporting goods?

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20 August, 2019
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21 August, 2019

Foreign trade is the purchase or sale of goods in different countries; one of the countries involved in this activity is Mexico.

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In order to ship different goods, it is important to choose the right transport, and the delivery time and cost must be taken into account.

The choice of means to transport goods must consider the characteristics of the product and business.

medio de transporte

Three means of transporting goods

The goods can be imported into or exported from the national territory, by means of different transports.  


Maritime transport is the main means for international trade. The containers used allow loading and unloading of large goods safely.

Advantages of shipping by sea

  • It allows you to send large quantities of goods at a very affordable cost.
  • It uses less fuel, positioning it as a green solution.

The disadvantage of this carriage is in its speed; usually a slow medium, so they should not be transported perishable goods.

According to UNCTAD*, about 80% of world trade is transport by sea.

*(United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.)


The high-value merchandise that must be transported over long distances must be by means of a fast, safe, easy control and monitoring as the air means.

Advantages of air transport.

  • It is the fastest transport, but transport is the most expensive.
  • Usually transported necessity or urgency products that are low volume.


Ground vehicles can transport any type, size and weight of various commodities; there is a type of truck be use according to the characteristics.

Advantages of land transport.

  • It is the most economical transport of all.
  • Quickly transports goods over short distances.

transportación de mercancías

The entry or exit of goods from the Mexican national territory must be perform by an authorized business one-day and hour place. For exports should choose the ideal transport, a way to choose it can be answering the following questions:

  • From where and where are the goods shipped?
  • How quickly do you need to send?
  • What is the weight and volume of the goods?
  • What is the budget for transport?

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