General Foreign Trade Rules
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14 September, 2021
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14 September, 2021
Las Reglas de Comercio Exterior

As you have probably already read on our previous notes of foreign trade, you know that exports and imports are a complex processes that are regulated in various ways and that such information should be known by anyone seeking to engage in importing or exporting, at least to know the basics.

In this case, we will focus on the General Rules of Foreign Trade (RGCE). The objective is to present you with a simple article that will help you understand this topic.

First, what are the RGCE? They are the updated rules established by the customs authority and the federal government that will help you to know what, how, when, where and with whom you need to do the procedures and processes, you must present the goods at customs and authorities, so you can importing or exporting them. This must be done so that the authorities can make sure of the transparency of the intended commercial movement.

Basic rules of RGCE

  • Official Identification and Domicile Documents: Refers to all identification, personal, fiscal and domicile documents required for importing and exporting.
  • Tariff Classification Consultation: This rule is recommended when there are discrepancies between you and the customs broker regarding the classification of the goods.

As an extra piece of information, if you want to know how much you must pay in tariffs, or which products are exempt from them, as well as which product and under what conditions you can import or export, we recommend you to look up the General Import and Export Taxes Law (LIGIE). This law was updated on December 28th 2020.


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