What is customs and how does it work?
Logística integrada
Integrated logistics in foreign trade
20 September, 2021
Régimen aduanero
Customs regimes: What are they and their types?
20 September, 2021

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When talking about foreign trade we can´t avoid the word customs, although we know the term and associate it with the international transit of people or products, we have never fully explored it. That is why, throughout this post, we will explore what customs is and how it works.

What is customs?

Customs is a public office that regulates the international traffics in and out of a country, in other words, it is in charge of monitoring and controlling people and goods entering or leaving a territory.

Customs can be found at an airport, port or a transit area. Whatever is the case, the objective is still the same, control the taxes, regulate the migratory traffic of people; allow or prevent the traffic of products and supervise the countries’ imports and exports.

Customs in Mexico are regulated by the General Customs Administration, a Federal Government entity under the Tax Administration Service (SAT). It ensures compliance with the regulations established by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) in foreign trade matters, guaranteeing national security, preventing the flow of dangerous or illegal goods into Mexican territory, and protecting the country’s economy, public health and the environment.


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Customs types

  • Air: Passengers and/or goods enter or leave a territory by means of airplanes, helicopters or aircrafts.
  • Rail: People and/or goods are transported by rail.
  • Maritime: Individuals and/or goods enter or leave a territory by ship or vessel.
  • Terrestrial: Individuals and/or goods enter or leave the country by bus, trailer, and automobile or even on foot.


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