20 September, 2021
Agente aduanal

What is a Customs Agent?

A customs agent is an expert in customs logistics who legally represents importers and exporters before customs, helping them clear their goods and comply with their […]
20 September, 2021
Régimen aduanero

Customs regimes: What are they and their types?

What is a customs regime? Custom regimes are the set of operations that seek to give a specific customs destination (a clear place and purpose) to […]
20 September, 2021

What is customs and how does it work?

When talking about foreign trade we can´t avoid the word customs, although we know the term and associate it with the international transit of people or […]
20 September, 2021
Logística integrada

Integrated logistics in foreign trade

Import and export processes are quite complex. They require planning and coordination to ensure that the products travel their way from their origin to their destination […]
20 September, 2021
Comercio exterior

What is a data sheet and what is it used for?

Before we start a process of importing and exporting, it is necessary to meet all the requirements, one of them it’s a data sheet. You might […]
20 September, 2021
Tratados de Libre Comercio

Free Trade Agreements between Mexico and the world

Over the years, Mexico has positioned itself as a strategic commercial partner, not only because it´s geographic position but for the diversity resources, products and capital […]
20 September, 2021
Directora OMC

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala becomes the first female head of the World Trade Origanization

Last March 1st, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Nigerian economist and former Minister of Finance in that country, became the first woman and the first African to head the […]
14 September, 2021
Normas de transporte

What is anti-dumping in foreign trade?

At the moment of importing and exporting it is important to know all the terms. Today we want to share with you the term of anti-dumping, […]
14 September, 2021
comercio internacional

Changes on foreign trade in 2021

It’s already New Year and foreign trade knows it! As we had previously heard, at the beginning of this year there were going to be changes […]
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