Law on General Import and Export Taxes
Comercio exterior México
Do you know foreign trade in Mexico?
21 August, 2019
Determines the origin of your goods
Determines the origin of your goods
21 August, 2019
Law on General Import and Export Taxes

General Import and Export Taxes Act is mostly known by its acronym LIGIE in it all the regulations of foreign trade of the country is covered.

The main objective of the LIGIE is to codify all goods and determine their in international trade.

In the LIGIE, various explanatory notes conform a universal summary containing the official interpretation of the nomenclature in which the tariff rate is based are included, and in which some concepts are defined and products specifications detailed that are included and excluded.

importaciones y exportaciones

The LIGIE is the shortest law because it only has two articles, which are:

General Import and Export Taxes Tariff (TIGIE)

The importance of classify the goods is that they should apply their import duties or export for this must have a universal identification code for customs, statistical and transportation purposes, usually this code is 6 digits and depending on the country 2 digits are added to that nomenclature, to recognize the tariff and the requirements for entering or leaving a country’s goods.

impuestos de importación y exportación

Some of the sections are covered in this article include:

Live animals and animal products.

Vegetable products.

Products from the food industries.

Mineral products.

Products of the chemical or allied industries.

Plastics and articles thereof; rubber and articles thereof.

Textiles and articles thereof.

Base metals and articles thereof.

Modes of Transport.

Works of art, collectibles and antiques.

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General Rules and Supplemental implementation of the TIGIE.

In this second article having the general rules for the interpretation of the tariff rate LIGIE and are equally valid for determining within each sub applicable tariff.

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foreign trade

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