What is a Customs Agent?
Régimen aduanero
Customs regimes: What are they and their types?
20 September, 2021
Agente aduanal

A customs agent is an expert in customs logistics who legally represents importers and exporters before customs, helping them clear their goods and comply with their tax obligations, regulations and non-tariff restrictions. He facilitates the import and/or export process, making it an agile, legal, economical and safe process.

The Tax Administration Service (SAT) defines a customs agent as a ”Natural Person authorized by means of a Patent, to promote on behalf of others the clearance of goods under the different regimes”.

The Customs Law regulates the entry and exit of goods into and out of Mexican territory, the means by which they are transported or transported, customs clearance, and the events or acts resulting from this or from the transfer of the products.

Agente aduanal

Responsibilities of a customs agent

Specifically, Article 54 of the Customs Law establishes that customs brokers are responsible for:
  • Determine the customs regime of the goods and their tariff classification.
  • Provide truthful and accurate data and information.
  • Comply with other obligations regarding non-tariff regulations and restrictions applicable to the goods to be imported or exported.


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